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by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

Bush appears to be delusional about Iraq, at least in public. At his Dec. 20, 2006 news conference he said that the U.S. needs to increase the overall size of the Army and the Marine Corps (when neither service can presently meet its recruiting goals). He also said that insurgents in Iraq thwarted U.S. efforts at "establishing security and stability throughout the country" in 2006. These "enemies of liberty ... carried out a deliberate strategy to foment sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shia. And over the course of the year they had success." He announced that the Selective Service would be running "tests" at some time in the future related to reinstating the draft. He also pledged to work with the new Democratic Congress. Further, he announced that first four of the 20-30,000 additional US troops to be sent to Iraq would be his two daughters and his niece and nephew, all, it happens, of draft age, were the draft to be reinstated as Bush has said it might have to be. (Yes, I did sneak that last one in.)


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1//Deutsche Welle/DW-World.de, Germany

Germany takes over the leadership of the G8 presidency next year and says it wants to refocus the group on problems facing of the global economy. When Group of Eight (G8) leaders gather in the exclusive Baltic seaside resort of Heiligendamm in northeast Germany next June, the host nation will not be seeking to imitate the pop glamour that accompanied the Gleneagles summit during the British G8 presidency in 2005. "The British have a knack for that sort of thing," said Bernd Pfaffenbach, Germany's G8 organizer, said recently. For Germany, which assumes the G8 presidency for one year in January, what is important is the lasting change that such summits can achieve. "We want more to go back to the roots of the World Economic Summit as it was previously known," added Pfaffenbach. "We're concerned with the problems of the global economy." ... And Africa will again top the agenda this time around. But Berlin wants to move on from the multi-billion-dollar debt relief agreed in Gleneagles and instead urge African countries to take a more hands-on approach, fighting corruption and pushing for more democracy so as to create better conditions for foreign investment. ... Energy, too, will be on the agenda, with Berlin looking to make progress on drawing up a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol on climate protection, which runs out in 2012. Another key issue will be Germany's campaign for greater transparency on the worldwide financial and capital markets.



Why not spend that money on a memorial of the names of all of those who have died around the world and here in the US since Bush was put into the White House? Yes, after reading about the protests, I saw a headline in the Dallas Morning News that said something to the effect of how lucky they were to have this library. Now we know this is money under the table talking ... that's been an old Texas way of doing business for years.

Tale of Two Sisters: Why Is HUD Using Tens of Millions of Katrina Money to Bulldoze 4534 Public Housing Apartments in New Orleans When It Costs Less to Repair and Open Them Up?

by Bill Quigley

by John R. Bomar, as sent to The Diane Rehm Show


I read your Dec. 14th show transcript and I send you this in the off hours of your show in hopes you receive it and have time for reflection.

Lao Tzu said, "The best general conquers first the mind of his enemy." I ask you, who is our enemy in Iraq, and why is he (or she) our enemy?

Our "enemy" now is the Iraqi people by majority (60%) who support attacks on American forces and the 80% who want us to leave now. They have become our enemy because of the perception that we are attempting to establish Iraq as a client state of the United States, a colony if you will, to sustain permanent control over their oil reserves. This is also the common view on the Arab street, and probably the majority of world opinion as well. Heck, even a majority of Americans may now feel the same.

by John R. Hall

Re: The Borah/Kucinich Resolution

Dear Dennis,

I am writing to you because you are the only member of the U.S. Congress for whom I have complete respect. You were the only 2004 presidential candidate with enough vision to steer our country out of its eternal quagmire. And now you are a brave and lonely voice, calling for the de-funding of the Iraq Fiasco. Of course the corporate media and your corporate pawn colleagues are doing their best to ignore you completely. After all, you're suggesting that all the death and destruction ordered by the president and authorized by congress was a mistake. That as many as a million lives have been lost needlessly. That a half trillion dollars have been flushed down the toilet. The truth hurts.

Thursday, 28 December 2006 03:18

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 28, 2006


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Subject: Even Florida 62-yr-old MD GOP, freaked-out by fascist Bush Inc

Saw this on BartCop and thought it was very well written, and absolutely spot on, esp coming from a Republican male.

"Escalating the Killing- had enough... yet? (BartCop)

Dear BartCop:

I am a 62 year old physician in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I'm a fiscal and political conservative. I find it remarkable that our current conservative republican president is fronting for a government that looks a lot like an autocratic fascist regime. I know that reasonable people may disagree, yet under the examination of facts and in light of the consistency of his job performance everything about Mr. Bush is unreasonable.


Bush, Advisers Crafting New Iraq Policy At Gathering They Say Is "Non-Decisional"

by Tony Peyser

The basic thing here
That's seriously absurd
Is "non-decisional"
Is not even a word.


Bush, Advisers Crafting New Iraq Policy At Gathering They Say Is "Non-Decisional"

by Tony Peyser

The basic thing here
That's seriously absurd
Is "non-decisional"
Is not even a word.

Thursday, 28 December 2006 01:57

Barack Obama: Escalation Is Not the Answer 12/28

Written by


As the New Year approaches, we are told that the President is considering the deployment of tens of thousands of additional troops to Iraq in the desperate hope of subduing the burgeoning civil war there.

This is a chilling prospect that threatens to compound the tragic mistakes he has already made over the last four years.

In 2002, I strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq because I felt it was an ill-conceived venture which I warned would "require a U.S. occupation of undetermined length, at undermined cost, with undetermined consequences." I said then that an invasion without strong international support could drain our military, distract us from the war with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and further destabilize the Middle East.

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