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edited by Gloria Lalumia

The World Energy Watch presents recent news and analysis highlighting the activities of the players involved in the power struggle for the world's remaining energy resources.

Cuba Reaches 50% Self-sufficiency in Oil Consumption (mercopress)

Cuba reached its target of 3.9 million tons of oil and gas in 2006, while foreign companies in association with the local Cubapetroleo, CUPET, corporation continue exploration in 30 other wells, reported Havana authorities. The volume represents 50% of domestic consumption and seven times oil and gas production in 1990, totaling annual savings of 260 million US dollars for the battered Cuban economy, according to vice president Carlos Lage. A spokesperson for CUPET announced that twelve new wells are scheduled to be drilled this year in western Cuba where most proven reserves are, which should help bring CUPET's production to 2.2 million tons annually. Oil exploration in Cuba took off some fifteen years ago with Canadian corporations but has intensified in the last few years with the inclusion of new foreign companies which are mostly operating in the island's Gulf of Mexico EEZ which covers 112.000 square kilometers. ... According to CUPET Cuba's daily consumption of oil is 180.000 barrels of which it produces 80.000 barrels, with high sulphur content and is mostly used for electricity generation. The other 100.000 barrels are provided by Venezuela at preferential prices and which Cuba repays by sending doctors, teachers, nurses, sports coaches and other support personnel following an agreement signed in 2002.

by Linda Milazzo

Yesterday, January 6, 2007, Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, two-thirds of the trio of tyranny (along with Brother-in-Arms, George W. Bush), held a press conference at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. They were there to hawk the deployment of an increased sustainable (but unknown) number of American troops to Iraq. The war-hawk duo insisted their decision to go forth with an increase in troop strength resulted from their recent trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel. The latter being a logical stop for Joe Lieberman, an avowed zionist.


How many years and lies ago was it that Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier – as part of a perfectly choreographed Rovian media "money shot" moment – and declared that major combat operations in Iraq were over and that the "mission" had been accomplished?


Reading Between The Lies

by Tony Peyser

"We welcome new ideas about Iraq "
And other hooey Bush "wrote" in his op-ed
Are just other ways the White House tells
War opponents to screw off and drop dead.

by Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D.

Recently, in one of his special comments, Keith Olbermann, host of MSNBC's Countdown, remarked, "First we sent Americans to their deaths for your lie, Mr. Bush. Now we are sending them to their deaths for your ego." This echoes the logic commonly ascribed to Bush for his resolve to send more American troops into harm's way in Iraq. But this would be to underestimate Bush's deeper ideological commitment, a resolve that goes well beyond his own ego.

Click here for Part I and Click here for Part II

by Heather Wokusch


After the WMDs - but before creating Democracy to prevent the newly created terrorists from attacking America - the reason Bush said he invaded Iraq was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and to bring him to justice.



What are the choices facing Democrats in Congress today? Well, during this honeymoon period they can get into bed with those who "brung them," sleep alone, or sleep with the enemy, the Bush GOP. This time, Americans expect those taking oaths of office to take those oaths seriously.

Monday, 08 January 2007 07:28

Shirley Smith: War



This was in the West Virginia Gazette:
Before my brother in the 101st Airborne went to Iraq, we talked about deer hunting. As promised, when he came back after one year, we went hunting. After three hours, I found him sitting on a log crying. I asked him what was wrong and he just threw his gun over the hill and said no more killing. If you're out in the woods and find a .30-06 Remington Model 700 and a 270 Remington you can keep them. And thank George Bush for them.

Sunday Gazette-Mail - Readers' Voice

Shirley Smith

Monday, 08 January 2007 06:55

BuzzFlash Mailbag for January 8, 2007


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Subject: Bush's Continuing War and His Speech This Week

Could you start a grassroots action where on the night of Bush's speech everyone who is against sending more troops to Iraq floods the media with write-ins and call-ins? That's what I intend to do. And keep calling on the speed dial on my cell phone over and over and over and over until they are all sick of my voice. And call your Congressmen and -women. And your Senators. Let them all know you demand a pull-out, not an escalation. And demand to know where our war dollars have been spent and don't give a dime for Iraq reconstruction until you know where the money given to this war so far has gone and how it's been spent, most likely building the new American "Vatican" in Baghdad, the permanent bases, the Green Zone hideouts, etc. As Molly Ivins said, if we want the Americans out of this war, it's up to all of us. We have no leadership.

Donna Woods
Enumclaw, WA

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