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Thursday, 13 September 2007 08:19

Martisa Vignali: My trip to Plains, GA

The author and her husband pose after church with the Carters outside of Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, GA.

Thursday, 13 September 2007 07:21

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 13, 2007


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Subject: Who's Really Paying Attention?



Peace might come to Afghanistan and certainly without the involvement of the US. Of course, we can expect everything to be the same as it was a hundred years before Bush, except for the innocent people Bush killed for no reason. Those innocent people probably didn't even know bin Laden or where he was at the time. Bush bombed and killed close to 5,000 people just for kicks right after 911, and then after more deaths, due to fighting, Bush allowed bin Laden to escape into Pakistan, while the military stood by and heard the helicopters. Pakistan, the country where Bush's CIA purchased the prisoners for his secret prisons of torture, so Bush could say that he was fighting his "war on terror."


Has anyone stopped to realize, our soldiers are dying, because the “shiftless” spoiled brat son of a rich father is hopelessly, utterly incapable of solving the problems he created? Anyone who thought the “pie in the sky” “flowers and song” thing was attainable, doesn’t have the brains God promised to brass monkeys!

Thursday, 13 September 2007 02:42

Dave Zirin and Etan Thomas: No Outsiders in Jena

by Etan Thomas and Dave Zirin

"Outsiders need to stay away." That's what Billy Fowler of the school board in Jena, Louisiana, said about those who have raised concerns about the sentencing imposed on six African American boys -- ages 15-17 -- facing 100 years in prison.

Since the price over Iraq is really so tiny,
Then how can any Republican now resist
Making every child of theirs 18 and older
Drop everything and immediately enlist?

by Stuart A. P. Murray

The new capital of the United States was named Washington City in 1800, honoring the Revolutionary War commander-in-chief and the country's first president. It was the highest honor a grateful and adoring people could bestow.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007 08:33

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 12, 2007


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Subject: Bush says troops are gonna come home .... this time fer sure!


Developing Story Update:

CBS is reporting that one of the moms has requested a fuller explanation of her son's death: War Critic Dies In Iraq, Mom Wants Answers: Mother Seeks Details Of Soldier's Death Weeks After He Co-Authored Op-Ed Criticizing War. "Mora and one of his co-authors, Sgt. Yance T. Gray, 26, of Ismay, Mont., were killed Monday in a vehicle accident along with five other U.S. soldiers and two detainees. The single-vehicle accident also wounded 11 other soldiers and one detainee. The military did not mention hostile fire and did not specify the neighborhood in western Baghdad. "


“The further we go, the behinder we get”! “COOPER: … General Petraeus talked about bringing 30,000 troops home by next summer …. Everyone seems to be acting like this is some sort of strategy. MICHAEL WARE ... In no way is this a new direction or a policy shift by the U.S… no, this is no new direction. This is not a grand policy announcement that America is drawing down. It's just the end of the surge …”! “Fool me once, you can’t fool me again”!

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