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It is time to start worrying about Mitt Romney. Seriously. The guy may just be running the worst campaign ever. And yes, that includes the McDLT, print ads for organic hemp underwear and France in 39. Not to mention McCain/Palin in 08. Which currently holds the gold standard for lousy campaigns. Sure to be a Hall of Fame inductee in a couple of years.

Willard has taken bad to a whole new level. Bad like a dumpster behind a fish market during a garbage strike bad. Bad like a three dollar Dark Knight Rises DVD bought off a Times Square cardboard table with Albanian subtitles bad. Bad like Todd Akin at a NARAL benefit bad. Bad doubled down. Beyond breaking bad to the point of broken bad.
And every time the former Governor of Massachusetts opens his mouth, it gets worse. He’s tone deaf, tongue tied, logically challenged and as approachable as a near-sighted porcupine in heat. The Anti Ray Romano: nobody Loves Mitt.
So uncomfortable around real people, you can practically hear him whisper “icky, icky, icky,” under his breath while shaking hands at rallies. You know there’s an aide with a bottle of Purell hand sanitizer waiting for him on the bus. Maybe even a 55- gallon drum connected to a shower head.

 elvisromney elvis3IMAGE BY LYNN LARROW


In a videotape posted on YouTube on May 15 of this year, Mitt Romney is seen at a public event talking about alternative energy (which the Republicans in Congress have done everything possible to prevent).  In the midst of some spaghetti on the wall ideas about new energy sources, Romney gives a hat tip to Hitler (about 42 seconds into the tape):

Liquified Gas. Gosh, [with an emphatic emphasis] Hitler during the Second
War I guess, because he was concerned about losing his oil, liquefied coal. That technology is still there. I'm told the Chinese are building five liquefied coal plants right now.

Okay, Romney didn't endorse Mein Kampf, and Hitler was mentioned in passing, but like the secretly taped "47 percent" statement, his remark about the Fuhrer's accomplishment was made with the sort of passion you don't normally hear from the former governor.  No, he wasn't saying Hitler was a good man or supporting the Third Reich, nothing like that.  But Romney's tone had the ring of admiration for Hitler as an innovator, perhaps someone we should emulate in the energy area.

There aren't many presidential candidates we can recall who look to Hitler for ideas -- or at least they would not publicly admit that they admire some of the technological research of the Nazi regime. It's just bad politics.


It's not going unnoticed that in a September 19th interview on Univision (which has the largest reach of news programming to Latino audiences in the United States), Mitt Romney had his face darkened to appear, well, more Hispanic.  As a sharp eye on Democratic Underground noted and showed, there is simply no disputing it if you look at Romney's face while on Univision as compared to his other campaign photos and television appearances.

The cheesy attempt to subliminally try to make Romney appear more Latino, instead of a pale Mormon, was blatantly evident in a surprisingly critical article of the interview in the right wing Washington Times (although it should be disclosed that the commentary was from a liberal blogger). Just check out the Associated Press photos by clicking here.

As far as proof of Romney man tanning it up to try to appear more like "one of them," just look at his wan hands as compared to his face in the YouTube video of the television program.

Just click (below) to the full story to view the tape.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012 11:45

Five Lies in Romney's War on the "47 Percent"


About the only factual statistic that is verifiable in Mitt Romney's now infamous trashing of 47 percent of Americans is that, indeed, his figure is accurate for those who technically don't pay income taxes (a category that BuzzFlash at Truthout has pointed out may very well include Romney, particularly for the year 2009).

Beyond that, Romney's mean-spirited, callous dismissal of nearly half the nation -- as recorded at an August fundraiser hosted by a 1 percenter with a penchant for orgies -- was filled with both blatant lies and slander by innuendo....

Why didn't Romney ask the super-rich attendees at his fundraiser how many of them are proud to pay income taxes, if they pay them at all?

BuzzFlash doubts a hand would be raised in the audience – and you certainly wouldn't see Romney's five fingers go up in the air.



Mitt Romney responded to the recent Cairo events with an apology frame. America, he said, must never apologize for its values, and he claimed that the Obama administration was apologizing when it pointed out a moral constraint on free speech.

Click here to continue reading.

"Romney’s framing of the events goes far beyond an attempt to score political points in the midst of a national tragedy. It is intended to strengthen extreme conservative beliefs about American foreign policy. Why no apologies? Because America, operating under conservative ideology, is seen as the world’s ultimate legitimate authority, whose actions define what is right. Therefore, there should be no need to apologize for doing what is right, and since that authority must be maintained, it would be wrong to apologize even if an apology were warranted. Even operating diplomatically, with real mutual respect, would be showing weakness by giving up the authority that should be maintained in all negotiations. That is a view that poses a real danger to peace both in the US and abroad."

George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling are authors of "The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic"


No, he didn't use those exact words, but in condemning 47 percent of the nation for paying no income taxes, Romney was denigrating the sacred base of the modern GOP: the Deep South.

In a nutshell, here's why: seven of the lowest ten paying states in income taxes are in the Deep South. Yes stretching from South Carolina to Texas, the states that have the highest percentage of people Romney considers leeches on the government are in the GOP Southern Strategy vote belt.  And if you toss in Idaho, which is a red state, you have eight of the lowest paying states in income taxes getting a sneering kick from Romney.

The conservative Tax Foundation provides the facts behind this reality, including a devastating chart as far as Mitt Romney lambasting his base with his "47 percent" derisive remarks

The Tax Foundation unequivocally states, "Nine of the ten states with the largest percentage of nonpayers are in the South and Southwest. In Mississippi, 45 percent of federal tax returns remit nothing or receive money with their federal tax returns; that is the highest percentage nationally. Georgia is next at 41 percent, followed by Arkansas at 41 percent, and Alabama, South Carolina, and New Mexico at 40 percent."


You can stay it started on Truthout, and it did.

Mike Lofgren, a long-time top ranking Republican staff budget analyst on Capitol Hill, wrote a record-breaking article on Truthout, "Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult." The Truthout commentary was read by more than 1.3 million people – and it is still growing in viewers.

In fact, a subsequent interview with Leslie Thatcher on Truthout received nearly 7 thousand Facebook likes and counting. Clearly, Lofgren had captured the interest of those who wanted to hear the biting, trenchant analysis of a Republican insider who believes the party has crossed over into the outer limits. (It should be noted, that Lofgren holds little regard for the Democratic representation on the Hill either, believing that both parties are beholden to corporations – and that the Dems are not an effective opposition party.)

The Truthout story that caromed around the nation inspired Lofgren to write a book, “The Party is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted” (which is available directly from Truthout by clicking here).

On September 14, the Washington Post ran a review Lofgren's book (and crediting Truthout.org):

A little over a year ago, a 28-year veteran Republican congressional staffer, Mike Lofgren, decided to leave his job, but he didn’t go quietly. In a widely read parting essay published at Truthout.org, he asserted that the party he’d spent his career in had been taken over by crackpots and lunatics. The piece was sharp, eloquent and all the more damning for being produced not by a progressive activist, but by a longtime aide to Rep. John Kasich of Ohio, a conservative fiscal hawk.

The GOP, Lofgren argued in the aftermath of the debt-ceiling debacle, increasingly resembled “an apocalyptic cult, or one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties of 20th century Europe” in which “a disciplined minority of totalitarians can use the instruments of democratic government to undermine democracy itself.” The party’s cynical electoral strategy was to deadlock government and thus undermine the public’s faith in it and its presumed allies, the Democrats. Beholden to billionaires, the military-industrial complex and Armageddon-craving fundamentalists, the party of Abraham Lincoln had become a threat to the nation’s future.



This summer, Truthout concluded a 10-installment series called Truthout on the Border. It is a paradigm shifting analysis of the squalid underside of the so-called US war on drugs in Mexico and Latin America.

Tens of thousands have died in Mexico (recent estimates, which will be discussed in a forthcoming Truthout article, indicate that the homicide total under the six year rule of Felipe Calderon may reach 120,000) and in other Latin American nations.  As far as stopping drug flow goes, the war on drugs in Latin America is a dismal failure.  

But what perhaps are the real goals of the war on drugs -- US militarization south of the border and opening markets for global corporations under free trade agreements -- have been achieved.  The flow of illegal narcotics continues unabated into the United States as the price of the drugs fall and the purity improves.  Meanwhile, there is virtually no large scale domestic effort to decrease consumption in the United States, except for incarcerating minorities for non-violent drug offenses at record rates.

Recently, Mark Karlin, editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout and author of the Truthout on the Border series, talked with Paul Jay of the Real News about what are the real US intentions behind the Mexican and Latin American (DEA agents and marines are in Guatemala, for example) alleged war on drugs.  Since that taping, the death toll in Mexico alone during the Calderon years (which will end on November 30, 2012) has, as noted earlier, been revised dramatically upwards.



So now it comes out that the Romney campaign allegedly required potential vice presidential candidates to provide ten years of income tax returns during the vetting process.

According to the Daily Beast:

As part of its vetting, the Romney campaign required at least some of the candidates on the short list—including the eventual winner of the GOP veepstakes, Ryan—to submit fully 10 years of tax returns, according to a knowledgeable source.

The requirement was consistent with the past practices of both Republican and Democratic campaigns.  Indeed, in 2008, Mitt Romney turned over 23 years of taxes to John Mccain’s campaign when he was under consideration to be the Arizona senator’s running mate.

As for a Romney tax return recap, thus far he has only provided a partial 2010 return and has yet to release his 2011 tax form.

romney smirking twit

(Image by Lynn Larrow, InternetWeekly.org)


What's important to remember here, beyond Romney's flame throwing opportunism, is that the statement Romney claims Obama apologized in (it was actually a statement from the US embassy in Egypt) -- which he didn't -- occurred before news of the killings were received by the White House. Yet, when questioned Wednesday morning by journalists about the timing of the original Obama statement (which was trying to cool things down, we remind you), Romney basically said that it didn't matter.

This is consistent with the recent statement of a Romney campaign aide who said that facts wouldn't get in the way of the campaign (paraphrased).

After Romney's ignominious political theatrics of last night and this morning, President Obama appeared before the press at the White House.

He stated that "Yesterday  (9/11) was already a solemn day." Obama praised the diplomats who died and condemned the killings, as is appropriate.  He acted entirely presidential in representing the dignity and mourning of the nation.

Romney will continue to repeat the lie about the original and diplomatically strategic foreign policy statement (aimed at defusing the situation in Egypt) because he is lashing about for some Hail Mary demagoguery to save his foundering campaign.

The cost of his irresponsible behavior may be an explosion in the Middle East.

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