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Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary (3796)

by Stephen Crockett

The recent claim by Dick Cheney to have both executive privilege and not to be part of the executive branch of government seems to amount to a claim that Cheney is simply above the rule of law. It appears that both Bush and Cheney think they rule by divine right like the absolute monarchs of medieval Europe or the dictators of the old Soviet Bloc. Both need to be impeached. Until they are removed from office, the media, Congress, and the courts should be aggressively investigating, exposing, and opposing their abuses of power.

by Peter Phillips and Kate Sims
Project Censored

"Paris Hilton's Symptoms Said to be from Prescription Drug Withdrawal," was the headline news on the Fox News Channel on June 13, 2007. This was the 56th headline on Paris Hilton covered by Fox in the previous 30 days. Even The New York Times got in on the Paris Hilton hoopla with a front-page story June 9 entitled "Celebrity Justice Cuts Both Ways for Paris Hilton."

by Danny Schechter

The buses were arriving as I was leaving the Take Back America conference Tuesday afternoon in Washington to bring delegates and activists to Capitol Hill to join union members rallying for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, which was being debated in the Senate.

According to one report: "Defying 97-degree heat, heavy humidity and a planned Republican filibuster, several thousand workers and their allies rallied in Washington Tuesday to demand the Senate pass the Employee Free Choice Act."

The bill's passage was far from certain as labor fights an uphill battle for its survival and the right of workers to join unions. This issue is one of many that is critical to Democrats who want to take the government back because unions have long been a main funder and grass roots energizer of the party.

Writing on TomPaine.com, Dmitri Iglitzin reprised labor's challenge and eroding position.


(Editor's note: We have permission from Thom Hartmann to run this chapter from his book, "Screwed: The Undeclared War on the Middle Class - and What We Can Do About It." You can purchase this book at the BuzzFlash store.)

by Dave Lindorff

Don't tell Faleh Abood Umara or Hashmeya Muhsin Hussein that you want the U.S. to quit Iraq, but that you're worried about a resulting civil war.

by Linda Milazzo

Democrats in Congress, this message is for YOU! There's a reason Republicans call Democrats weak. IT'S BECAUSE YOU DAMN FREAKING ARE!!
Tuesday, 19 June 2007 07:21

Cindy Sheehan: Turn, Turn, Turn

by Cindy Sheehan

To everything, there is a season. A time for war, a time for peace. Ecclesiastes, Hebrew Scriptures

I wish I could say I thought of something profound as I saw the president and his wife's picture on that billboard on Hwy 317 in my rearview mirror on my way out of Crawford today. I will be back for the final weekend farewell to Camp Casey on July 6, but I won't be back as the owner of property there, or as a leader of the American peace movement.

by Dave Zirin

BARRY BONDS: Home Run King.

As the San Francisco Giants slugger approaches Henry Aaron's record for career homers, this probability seems to be turning otherwise rational people upside down, as Bonds has encountered an almost surreal level of hostility. The rage was on full display this past weekend in Boston, where Bonds had already made friends in 2004 by saying, "Boston is too racist for me."

by Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D.

There is something morally repugnant about claiming to support a war that involves the destruction of thousands of human lives unless you are truly committed to the cause this war advances. One test to see how committed you really are, is whether you would sacrifice your own life for it or the lives of others whom you love. If not, then you have no business underwriting others sacrificing their lives for the same cause. Those who fail this test are clearly hypocrites. Unfortunately, in America, there are a substantial number of such pseudo-patriots. Sitting behind the wheel, these bumper-sticker patriots take it slow, but play fast and furious with the lives of others. Safety first, at least for themselves -- unfortunately not for the service men and women who dodge land mines and the fire of automatic weapons in the hellish war that these "safe" drivers support.

by Michael Winship

There's a famous, possibly apocryphal story about Lyndon Johnson visiting Vietnam during his presidency. On a carrier flight deck, he started striding toward a helicopter when a Navy officer said to him, "No, Mr. President, your helicopter is this way."

LBJ looked him in the eye and said, "Son, they're ALL my helicopters."

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