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Tuesday, 08 August 2006 04:49

Forty Reasons To Vote Against Joe Lieberman

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by Big Dave From Queens

Here's 40 reasons for Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans to oppose Joe Lieberman.

1. Joe sends Liebergoons to harass Ned Lamont’s family, then denies it, then said they were well behaved.

2. Joe called a solo fifth place finish in the NH primary a 3 way photo finish for 3rd with Joementum.

3. Joe was willing to make SS “voluntary” (destroy it) then says he was the first person against it.

4. Joe believed the federal govt should interfere with the Schiavo matter then says politicians should not get involved.

5. Joe opposes emergency contraceptives for rape victims, callously says “go to another hospital.”

6. 93% of Americans favor strong environmental protections in trade agreements, Joe Lieberman disagrees.

7. 90% of Americans support strong labor protections in trade agreements but not Joe Lieberman.

8. Joe supported raising Social Security age, then says he’s against it, then for it, then against it.

9. Joe Lies -says Lamont is a one issue candidate when Lamont’s ads + website detail positions on dozens of issues.

10. Joe claims Ned Lamont is far left one day, a 80% of the time Republican the next day, and just like Joe another day except for 1 issue. (Iraq).

11. Joe says he would support the Democratic primary winner, now he won’t support the Democratic primary winner unless it's him.

12. Joe writes a Wall Street Journal editorial glowing how wonderful Iraq is going then claims he has been a critic of the post war planning in Iraq all along.

13. Joe supported middle class tax increases while simultaneously cutting capital gains taxes.

14. Joe was against affirmative action, for affirmative action.

15. Joe was for a timetable in Iraq, against it, for it, against it. (56% of Americans for it.)

16. Joe says it's ok to criticize a president on national security, (7/28/03) then says not okay. (12/7/05)

17. Joe is for challenging incumbents in primaries, then against them.

18. Joe sold out Seniors in Medicare.

19. Joe took money from Big Pharma and helps them gouge consumers on prescription drugs.

20. Joe takes money from Big Insurance, puts HMO bureaucrats before health care patients.

21. Joe was against school vouchers, then for school vouchers.

22. Joe railed Hollywood for producing pornography while owning $16,200 in a pornography corporation.

23. Joe favored private SS accounts, then was against private SS accounts.

24. Joe obstructed reform of corporate corruption, then supported it.

25. Joe favored tax cuts for the wealthy in a time of war, then opposed them.

26. Joe was for litmus tests on Supreme Court nominees, then against them, then for them.

27. Joe opposed extremist judges then votes to allow Samuel Alito onto the Supreme Court.

28. Joe voted to help credit card companies gouge consumers with usurious interest rates.

29. Joe opposed civil unions for gay people when most Americans support it.

30. Joe voted to undermine litigants by voting for tort regression restricting legitimate lawsuits.

31. Joe engaged in race baiting by sending corporate lobbyist to white communities with “Al Sharpton democrat” talking point while lying to black voters by claiming that Ned Lamont belongs to a racist country club.

32. Joe favors the egregious portions of the Patriot Act which undermine our Constitution and way of life.

33. As a member of the CT state Senate, Joe voted against creating living wills for people.

34. Joe once joined forces with Jesse Helms to strip federal funding for schools that counseled suicidal gay teens.

35. Joe handed out welfare to Hadassah’s hospital as payola for her being on their board.

36. Joe co-founded an organization with Lynn Cheney (American Council of Trustees and Alumni) designed to engage in McCarthyite witch hunts against educators.

37. Joe refused to criticize Dick Cheney for supporting apartheid in South Africa.

38. Joe chaired a religious extremist group with disgraced former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed.

39. Joe is a delusional self serving, pontificating, pillar of pomp who talks out of 3 sides of his mouth.

40. Joe’s independence is predicated on appearing on Fox News or raking in corporate cash. Joe is not a centrist nor is he a moderate.

Joe Lieberman has been endorsed by Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, David Brooks, Bill Kristol, William Buckley, Tom DeLay, Michelle Malkin, Dick Cheney, Pat Robertson, and Fox News.


Big Dave From Queens