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Not On Our Land: Land Recovery Kicks Off in Honduras

By Carla Garcia, Lauren Elliott and Beverly Bell, Other Worlds | Op-Ed

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Cannibalistic Capitalism and Green Resistance

By Craig Collins PhD, Truthout | News Analysis

Will Colombia's Protesting Workers Be Heard?

By Shihab Rattansi and David Bacon, Al Jazeera English | Report and Video

Guns or Butter?

By Bryan K. Bullock , Speakout | Op-Ed

The Euro Is Not in Trouble. People Are

By Vincent Navarro, Truthout | News Analysis

Romney Is Wrong About Mexico

By Oscar J. Martinez, Truthout | Op-Ed

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Russian Punk Band Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Anti-Putin Stunt

By David M Herszenhorn, The New York Times News Service | Report
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