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Saturday, 04 October 2003 02:50 by: Anonymous

    Dying For Dishonesty
    By John Cory
    TO Correspondent in Saudi Arabia
    t r u t h o u t | Perspective

    Saturday 04 October 2003

GIs (Grunts in Iraq) are dying for dishonesty. There is no other way to put it. Dying for dishonesty.

    The embedded corporate cronyism of this White House, from Haliburton to Haley Barbour and Joe Allbaugh ought to give new meaning to shock and awe, but it only serves as a lullaby for the pampered press corps in their beauty sleep. In the meantime the mission in Iraq is not the old search and destroy, but a new destruct and construct award operation.

    There are no apparent WMD in Iraq and still the White House urges patience with innuendos that given more time, weapons will be discovered. It has only been six months and who knows what another six months might reveal? The obscenity here is that more time is demanded by a White House that refused to support more time for UN weapons inspectors prior to the onset of death and destruction. What will more time give the American people? Another 310 soldiers killed in action and another 1500 troops wounded and maimed?

    Bush has now instituted a don't ask-don't tell policy as to whether senior White House officials violated the law in leaking the name of a CIA operative to the media in order to discredit a voice of critical dissent. When asked whether or not Bush was going to take any action, the White House spokesperson numbly insisted that Bush had no intention of questioning his staff or urging the sinners to come forward. But of course Bush insists on everyone maintaining the highest ethical standards. Sure.

    And while we are looking at this outing of a CIA operative, when will someone ask:

a.) What damage was done to the intelligence gathering operation of this particular operative, and the overall mission?
b.) What impact did the naming of an active operative have, not only on the intelligence community in the US, but in Iraq itself?
c.) What data are we no longer getting that might help save lives, both American and Iraqi lives, as well as the coalition of other troops and UN support personnel?
d.) What danger has this partisan political revelation placed on the former operative? In a world gone mad with pre-emptive terror, what organization or individual could be stalking this person? And what personal security protection does this White House provide for the exposed CIA operative?

    Go on over to Col. Hackworth's web site, (Soldiers For The Truth) and read the letters and emails from the Grunts on the ground in Iraq. Read about the continued supply and logistics problems that fail our troops; things like not being able to get the ceramic plates for the Kevlar vests that protect soldiers, or the lack of adequate drinking water, or the constant jamming and failure of re-tooled Vietnam era M-16 rifles. There have been several articles all around the Internet about the failure of the civilian logistics contractors to meet the needs of our troops, but hey, it's no big deal, after all, government contracts always go to the lowest bidder. Right? That's why we only need $87 BILLION for the Iraq war.

    And speaking of the new corporate military, ignore all those enlisted whiners who grumble about being stacked into rooms with little or no air circulation or washing facilities while their superiors rest comfortably in one of Saddam's palaces or specially delivered mobile trailers with nice air conditioning and bottled water dispensers. These are leaders who have earned the perks of rank. And they will let soldiers know when their tour of duty is over, not a day more than necessary, or approximately thereabouts.

    Spirited through the dark of night, military flights arrive and depart in Germany and the US, delivering damaged cargo. The wounded and maimed disembark in a steady stream of unaccounted numbers. Like Enron and Global Crossing, the only numbers that count for this administration are those that instill new investment in the greed and glory of self-preservation.

    Sacrifice is for mortal Americans not the gods of corporate government. The price of democracy is whatever the free-market will bear. Doubt must never be raised because the noise will disturb a somnambulant press corps.

    But somewhere in the darkness of a midnight afternoon, an uneasy breeze flutters and ruffles another flag-draped coffin and whispers, "It's all a lie. It's all a lie."

    When soldiers die for dishonesty who owns the truth?


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