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  A Savage Lie
  By John Cory
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  Friday 22 August 2003

  This war is a lie, a savage and brutal lie, but a lie nonetheless. Each day of loss and devastation forces the liars to revise the words of their deceit. And each destructive day forces a supportive supine press corps to find new ways to avert their eyes from the truth.

  Pre-emptive policy is an unholy alliance having its own axis of evil greed, arrogance, and deception.

  Vacations are not to be interrupted for this dime-store president and his nickel-plated cadre of fundraisers. The image of a leader heading to the White House and working in the name of peace and international stability is not as important as the drive for campaign money and supporting the theft of democracy in California and Texas and elsewhere in America. And it is that attitude that explains what is going wrong in Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and throughout the Middle East.

  The bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad was a message that is falling on deaf ears. The attack was not entirely about the UN but more to warn the world that if you ally with Bush Incorporated, they cannot keep you safe. It is dangerous company to keep.

  It must be clear by now that the Bush administration had little if any real plans for dealing with post-war Iraq other than to seize the oil fields and begin pumping cash to pay for their folly. The thought of resistance and rebellion does not seem to have occurred to these brilliant strategists. The steady drip-drip-drip of dead American soldiers is simply valued as the cost of doing business. The bottom line can be splattered with blood, just not red ink.

  Iraq is becoming the new Vietnam for American imperialism. US troops cannot guard the borders, search and destroy the resistance, shuffle through their deck of most-wanted cards, train militia and police, provide security for humanitarian organizations and keep the Bush priority of securing the oil industry infrastructure. Oh yes, and staying alive so they can return to their families. Even Karl Rove admits the military is stretched thin according to an interview with The News Herald on Aug 13th and reported by Associated Press titled: Karl Rove Says Florida Will Be 'ground Zero' in 2004 Election

  Rove said the Bush administration understands the frustrations of military families who are anxious for the return of their loved ones in Iraq. But he said the protracted stays of many service members are a result of a military "stretched thin."

  "Our military, when it gets into Afghanistan and Iraq, is taxed," he said.

  America s crooked-puppet Chalabi says a statue will be built in Iraq to honor Sergio Vieira del Mello. Bush says the war must go on. Soldiers say, what the hell is going on?

  The lazy media is making the bombing story into an accusation that the UN failed to take adequate security measures. No questions regarding the lies that started this ungodly and growing field of death.

  In Saudi Arabia the government is cracking down on suspected terrorists and terrorism sympathizers. There have been near weekly shootouts between police and suspected terrorist cells here. The results appear to be working. Some intelligence sources say that as many as 3000 Saudi young men have fled the country for Iraq where they can readily implement their aggressions with willing support and encouragement.

  There is an old saw: The good die young. But this aphorism is usually voiced by older men in leather chairs, safe and distant from the ravages of war or more often, by weeping mothers clutching snapshots tinted in youthful promise of their now dead sons.

  Pardon my French but, son-of-a-bitch! Will someone please wake up the real America?

  Does it not bother anyone that this White House wants to cut the hazardous duty pay for the very troops they claim will win the war? Or that this gang of unctuous thieves, want to cut veterans medical benefits for soldiers who have faithfully served their country? You know how old soldiers are; they survive wars just so they can sponge off the government for the rest of their lives.

  Doesn t it bother anyone that for every dollar America spends on education it spends almost eight dollars on defense contracts and weaponry? Or that the lowest priority of this administration is any healthcare program that does not profit the drug companies and HMOs? You can be poor and you can be old as long as you have your health.

  And someone please, please tell me what happened to the free press? Oh I know jokes abound about the American press corps being embedded on golden kneepads in the Oval Office. But let s face facts; these guys are flat on their backs like a cheap convention hooker.

  Hunter S. Thompson said Big Dark Coming Soon. He was wrong. Big dark is here.

  It is about time that this dime-store president whose lies are cheaper by the dozen be held accountable. If not, America home of the brave and land of the free becomes nothing but a savage lie.


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