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Thursday, 22 May 2003 02:55 by: Anonymous

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  NOW with Bill Moyers
  Friday 23 May 2003 at 9 0ap.m.
  (check local listings at

  In just ten days on June 2, the Federal Communications Commission 0awill announce whether it's going to allow big media to get even bigger. If 0aWashington gives the media conglomerates a free pass to let the marketplace 0arule, it may be at the expense of a key element of American democracy-the 0aability of journalists to be independent. But if so much is at stake, why do 0amany believe the result of the FCC vote is a foregone conclusion? On Friday, May 0a23, 2003 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings), NOW with Bill Moyers goes 0ainside the lobbying effort by the media industry to influence FCC officials. The 0asegment spotlights a Center for Public Integrity report that looks at the close 0aties between the FCC and the industry it regulates. Later in the program Bill 0aMoyers interviews Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity Chuck 0aLewis about the report, it's findings, and the details of how media companies 0ahave spent time and money gaining access to Washington decision makers.

  Throughout the year, NOW has been probing the issue of media 0aderegulation and the implications for American democracy if Washington gives the 0amedia conglomerates a free pass to let the marketplace rule. NOW's coverage has 0aincluded several investigative reports as well as interviews with FCC 0aCommissioner Michael Copps; chairman and CEO of USA Interactive Barry Diller; 0aand media experts John Nichols and Robert McChesney. View transcripts of 0aprevious interviews and related stories online at

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