John Rose: The White House Lied

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  Rose: The White House Lied
  By John David Rose
  Carolina Morning News

  Friday 02 May 2003

  "The White House Lied" was the headline on the Web 0asite on April 25. They weren't harking back to the days of Clinton and Monica 0aLewinsky.

  Nobody died from Clinton's dalliance or his lies.

  The ABC News report reveals a White House so depraved that it 0amakes Clinton seem like a choir boy.

  Wrote ABC News reporter John Cochran: "To build its case for war 0awith Iraq, the Bush administration argued that Saddam Hussein had weapons of 0amass destruction, but some officials now privately acknowledge the White House 0ahad another reason for war - a global show of American power and democracy."

  That poor dupe Colin Powell stood before the United Nations 0anarrating a slide-show of phony intelligence trying to convince the world that 0aHussein was a threat.

  Was he lying or was he lied to?

  "We're not lying," said a White House official to ABC News. "But 0ait was just a matter of emphasis."

  A matter of emphasis? Good lord, it's a matter of life and 0adeath!

  Tell that "emphasis" story to the families of Staff Sgt. Stevon 0aBooker of Apollo, Pa., Pfc. Gregory Huxley of Forestport, N.Y., 2nd Lt. Jeffrey 0aKaylor of Clifton, Va., and Pfc. Anthony Miller of San Antonio, Texas, all from 0athe Third Infantry Division of Fort Stewart. And tell the rest of the 150 0aAmerican families now grieving over lost sons and daughters, husbands, wives, 0afathers and mothers.

  They thought their loved ones were sent to protect America from 0aHussein's weapons of mass destruction. Now they learn they died for a "show," a 0abit of entertainment for Rumsfeld and his warhawk friends.

  This was no fight for freedom or to liberate Iraq. There were no 0ahuge stores of weapons of mass destruction that threatened us.

  The United States didn't win a victory, we committed an 0aatrocity.

  Writes ABC News' Cochran: "Officials feared that young Arabs, 0aangry about their lives and without hope, would always look for someone to hate - and that someone would always be Israel and the United States."

  Give Arab youth hope by killing them? Shades of the Spanish 0aInquisition when people were "saved" for Christianity by burning them at the 0astake.

  The brutal truth is that American soldiers were sacrificed for 0anothing that this nation can be proud of. No amount of White House "spin" or 0ahype can gloss over it.

  Congress - all those who voted to give Bush the power to mount an 0aattack on Iraq, Republicans and Democrats alike - should be outraged at how they 0awere misled and ashamed at what they allowed to happen.

  Every American who did not protest against this war should get 0adown on his/her knees and beg forgiveness from the parents of those who were 0akilled. We sent their children on a cruel fool's errand.

  We are not naturally a nation of brutish intimidators, attacking 0aanyone who won't bow and scrape at our command, who don't pray to our particular 0ainterpretation of God. But we stupidly allowed such people into high office and 0anow we and the rest of the world are paying the price.

  Bush has got to go. Join those who are trying to retrieve our 0anation's honor by logging onto www.VotetoImpeach.Org.

  Stop him before he kills again.

  John David Rose is a long-time Hilton Head Islander and 0apolitical observer.

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