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Here are the principal points of the memorandum on inspections in Iraq introduced Monday by France, Russia, and Germany and supported by China:

The complete and effective disarmament of Iraq remains the imperative objective of the international community. Our priority has to be to reach this objective peacefully through the inspection regime. The military option must be a last resort only. The conditions for a use of force do not obtain today:

* Although suspicions remain, no proof has been provided that Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction or capability in this area;

* The inspections have only just begun to function in full stride; they function without hindrance; they have already produced significant results;

* Iraqi cooperation is improving, as the Chief Inspectors indicated in their last report, even if it is not yet altogether satisfactory.

* Security Council unity must be preserved; the pressure exerted on Iraq must accumulate.

* The inspections must be able to take advantage of the necessary time and resources.

* However, they cannot be indefinitely pursued. Iraq must disarm. A full and active cooperation on its side is necessary.


* According to resolution 1284, UNMOVIC and the AIEA must submit their work program to the Council for approval. The presentation of this work program must be accelerated. The key tasks that remain must be defined as a function of their degree of priority.

* What is expected of Iraq for the implementation of these key tasks must be clearly defined and specified. That will allow the Council to evaluate Iraq s cooperation more clearly.

* Intrusive inspections: the increase and diversification of available personnel and expertise; the establishment of mobile units designed to control transport routes; implementation of a new system of aerial surveillance.


* 1st of March: the inspectors submit their work schedule, identifying the key tasks Iraq must accomplish.

* Every three weeks: a report on the implementation of this program.

* At the end of 120 days: report on the progress realized in the accomplishment of the key tasks.

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