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  • Radical Walt! (Whitman, That Is)

    Radical Walt! (Whitman, That Is)

    By Paul Buhle and Sabrina Jones, Truthout | Book Review

    Walt Whitman had a craving for a society so different from our own that it would become a republic of affections, something like the opposite of the dog-eat-dog morals that govern neoliberalism quite as much as neoconservatism. Of course it would mean the end of homophobia, along with so many other phobias. But the negatives that seem so powerful today and need so desperately to be overcome would, in the eyes of Whitman and his scholarly personal disciple, John Marsh, surely be overcome.

  • Towards a Media That Is "Good and Just"

    Towards a Media That Is "Good and Just"

    By Victor Pickard, Cambridge University Press | Book Excerpt

    In understanding current policy battles, it is instructive to look to our past to understand how we got to this point, but to also recover forgotten alternatives and glean important lessons. This excerpt from America's Battle for Media Democracy situates current internet policy battles within a longer historical narrative that traces back to radio policy debates in the 1940s.


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